The fairy of valley
I do not perceive nature as an object; instead, I aspire to let it emerge organically from my artwork. Thus, I have drawn inspiration from a passage in the Dao De Jing to elucidate my vision. I firmly believe that a joyful and fulfilling life necessitates the protection and blessings of divine entities from nature. The Valley Fairy embodies the essence of poetic living, the natural environment, and the guardian spirit of liberating space.
01 The fairy of valley
Starry sky after a rainy night
I think sci-fi can be interpreted in a poetic form. We will look up at the stars and explore the rules of their mysteries, weaving the landscape of the universe with colours and lines. In the weaving of the programme, magnificent view are generated.
02 Starry sky after a rainy night
The Wonder Ones
The inspiration for this collection of works originates from the science fiction novels I wrote during my leisure time, reflected in the design of various genres of book covers. I aspire to distill key elements and themes from my novel’s content, translating them into cover designs that capture its essence, while also transforming it into a graphic novel format.
03 The Wonder Ones
The Gold Lizard
This is a story about unexpected wealth.People often seek opportunities for sudden wealth, but more often than not, these only exist in dreams.The Gold Swallower, driven by its greed to consume the entire fortune of the two brothers, eventually found itself compelled to regurgitate all the gold and silver it had once consumed.
04 The Gold Lizard

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