My source of inspiration comes from the My hometown’s winter landscape. I like snow and I do not perceive nature as an object;  
I aspire to let it emerge  
ice. I love the fluffy snow and enjoy the creaking sound of walking in the snow while wearing  
organically from my artwork. Thus, I have  
drawn inspiration from a passage in the  
Dao De Jing to elucidate my vision. I  
firmly believe that a joyful and fulfilling life  
necessitates the protection and blessings  
of divine entities from nature. The Valley  
Fairy embodies the essence of poetic  
living, the natural environment, and the  
guardian spirit of liberating space.  
furry felt boots. I wish I could live forever in the blissful snowy landscapes.  
In the sixth chapter of the Dao De Jing,  
it speaks of the "Valley Fairy," which  
is said to be immortal and mysterious,  
like the primordial mother of all things.  
It embraces and transforms everything,  
never ceasing to exist. This enigmatic  
essence serves as the root of heaven and  
earth, continuously present yet elusive.  
Its boundless presence requires no effort,  
yet its influence is immeasurable.  
From the silhouettes of rural and urban landscapes, I have realized that even living within  
China's rust belt, there is still poetic beauty abundant. I will gather these beauties from all  
directions to inspire the deep longing for a better life within people's hearts.  
I have condensed the bits and pieces of my  
past life and the scenery of my hometown  
(captured from 2010 to 2022) into my unique  
poetry. I hope to express this with a gentle  
artistry that will lead people out of the confines  
of their daily lives and allow poetic dwelling  
to become a reality in my works. When we  
explore the essence of art from Heidegger's  
perspective, it is essential to analyze and  
convey the fundamental nature of the  
surrounding environment.  
I have combined the mythical deity with  
the ability to control space with the en-  
vironment and atmosphere of my home-  
town, creating a statue of a Shaman Fairy  
Goddess, who can safeguard people’s  
poetic living. I will use soft materials such  
as felt and velvet to craft the goddess’s  
body and adornments, while employing  
delicate ceramics to symbolize the beings  
she protects.They will nestle togethvver,  
forming the first warm little world.  
Research & Inspiration  
I spent a year diligently utilizing my spare moments from a busy life, using needles and  
handcrafted felt to create over 500 plush balls. Each and every one of them is unique. In this  
artwork, I seek to embody the fairy of the Valley with a massive future shaman, crafted from  
felt and cloth. She stands as a benevolent protector, sheltering all fragile beings under her  
care. The porcelain dragon symbolizes the endangered fierce creatures whose existence is  
threatened by environmental destruction, possessing both strength and fragility. Within her  
colossal and profound form, she nurtures countless life forms, creating an enchanting realm  
of protection. As an emissary from a space-mythology, she weaves threads that connect  
each celestial body in the universe. Should the world face destruction, she will descend  
upon the earth to nurture new beginnings. With humble efforts and manual patience, I aim  
to sculpt this maternal goddess from the Dao De Jing, embodying compassion and longings  
for the Poetic Life.  
Sketchbook & Process  
These individuals, akin to dragons among humans,  
work diligently and possess remarkable skills but find it  
challenging to cope with the unpredictability of contem-  
porary societal demands. I believe they should not be  
abandoned from the prospects of a happy life; instead,  
everyone deserves to embrace a life of poetic dwelling.  
Under the protection of the Valley Fairy, I have faith  
that all hardships can be overcome, and everything  
will be improve. The dragons sat around the god of  
the valley fairy as we would snuggle into a quilt. The  
moment we burrow into the covers is undoubtedly a  
moment of forgetting worries and experiencing comfort  
and happiness.In the beautiful dreamscapes, the  
Valley Fairy awaits you amidst the flickering lights.She  
creates the gentlest homeland for you.  
I extracted inspiration from the cultural  
relics unearthed in my hometown and  
reimagined the “Sitting Dragon” figure  
through the medium of ceramics.  
I have chosen the image of dragons  
to represent the vulnerable lives  
protected by the Valley Fairy.  
Traditionally, dragons are perceived  
as powerful and fierce creatures.  
However, in reality, these powerful  
and fierce beings often appear  
fragile and helpless in our everyday  
lives. Human alteration of the  
environment has disrupted the  
natural order, rendering even the  
mightiest physical forms unable to  
conceal their inherent vulnerability  
and adaptability challenges. Thus, I  
have used ceramics to create these  
dragons as symbols.They also  
represent individuals in our society  
who possess exceptional talents and  
abilities, yet struggle to adapt to the  
ever-changing demands of modern  
life brought about by technological  
Final works