Therefore, my teachers and schoolmates take turns to teach arts to the local  
children. As a student major in Arts and Crafts, I have taught children how use  
clay to make a lot of cute and small animals. Among them, a little blue lizard  
pinched by two little boys caught my attention. I am a reptile-lover, and charm-  
ing blue is one of my favorite colors, just like the color of the sea under a clear  
sky in the harbor near my school. In their eyes, this lizard is omnipotent to do  
everything. They imagined that the little lizard could find many mysterious trea-  
sures from the bottom of the sea. This may have been influenced by the movie  
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, or because they are influenced by  
their families. They hoped that this little lizard could always accompany them  
and become a symbol of luck. I drew this story in the form of children’s illustra-  
tions and tried to tell this wonderful little story with the brush strokes of a child.  
Research & Inspiration  
I hope to use my oeuvres to speak for the disadvantaged groups in society, acting  
beyond slogans and appeals. I often help neighbors in my community. During the  
Covid-19 pandemic period, I assisted in the pandemic prevention and control work  
to distribute community health passes. Also, I volunteered to teach art to children  
living in rural areas.I found out that children have natural affection to such simple,  
direct and joyful stories.Between 2018 and 2019, I worked as a voluntary teacher,  
a project organized by my school, while continuing my studies. My school is located  
in a beautiful costal city. However, it far away from the downtown area and most  
people here are mainly fishermen. Art education is not very popular among the  
local residents.  
This is a story about unexpected wealth.  
People often seek opportunities for sud-  
den wealth, but more often than not, these  
only exist in dreams.  
The Gold Swallower, driven by its greed  
to consume the entire fortune of the two  
brothers, eventually found itself compelled  
to regurgitate all the gold and silver it had  
once consumed.  
I presented the story in cyan, yellow and  
purple. I’m hoping to let the dimly lit night  
keep the story’s atmosphere quiet. And lit-  
tle green lizards with fluorescent colours  
shine through the night. Shifting scenes  
with the beam of a flashlight, a nimble and  
adorable Gold Swallower comes into view.  
Skelchbook & Process  
I designed a multi grid cartoon through  
theinspiration given to me by the floor par-  
titionis enriches the means of expression.  
At the same time. different designs were  
made forthe color of the little dog. Finally,  
the color contrastdesign of yellow and pur-  
ple was selected.  
Final works